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A startling 1 to 3 MILLION PEOPLE are infected with zoonotic parasites in the U.S. every year!

Zoonosis is any disease or parasite that can be transmitted from animals to humans. Anthrax, E coli, rabies, salmonella and mad cow disease are all examples of commonly-known zoonotic conditions. Ensuring your pets are vaccinated and healthy has a direct impact on the health of everyone in your household.

Tips for protecting your family from zoonotic infection:
  • Use a broad-spectrum heartworm product that also protects year-round against zoonotic parasites.
  • Promptly collect animal feces in your environment and dispose of them.
  • Instruct children to wash their hands often – and properly!
  • Always wear shoes when outside.
  • Make unprotected sandboxes off-limits to pets and children.
The veterinarians of Cimarron Animal Hospital keeps your pets healthy, so you can be sure your whole family is healthy and happy!

If a veterinary emergency occurs after hours, contact one of these facilities:

Wichita Emergency Clinic
727 S. Washington Street
Wichita, KS
Central Kansas Veterinary Center
515 W. Blanchard Ave.
South Hutchinson, KS


Flea & Tick Prevention

Cimarron offers many solutions to keep your pets free from ticks and fleas. Learn more here

Pet Allergies
Cimarron recommends hyposensitization treatment for allergies. Learn more here

Feline Leukemia
Feline Leukemia is an incurable disease, but there are Cimarron Animal Hospital offers several vaccines. Learn more about Feline Leukemia here

Heartworm Prevention
One mosquito bite is all it takes to infect an unprotected dog. Learn more about heartworms and how to prevent them here

Leptospirosis is a bacterial disease that can be found in most animals, including livestock and wildlife, and is contracted from bacteria in stagnant water. It is contagious and can be transmitted from animal to animal. Ask about leptospirosis vaccination during your pet's next wellness check.


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Cimarron Animal Hospital provides pet care services for: pet boarding, pet microchipping, laser therapy, preventative services, spay & neuter, surgery, physical exams, allergy consultation, gentle dentistry, radiology, vaccination, flea & tick, speciality diets, and much more. Please contact our veterinarians of Wichita for more information.